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Facebook Dating Site Free App – Facebook Dating App | Facebook Secret. Facebook Dating Site Free App – Facebook Dating Site App Download | Facebook Secret Crush App. Facebook As a Dating Platform – Facebook Dating Site Review | Facebook

Free Dating Online Facebook – The most widely used platform for communicating in the world is Facebook and it can be used to do a whole lot of things without hassle and pay. With Facebook, you get to interact, do business, and transact through the Facebook Marketplace. Facebook is now been increasingly used for hooking up and romantic quest. Facebook dating platform can be used for all your dating needs.


Although it is still unavailable in some countries. Facebook dating is the newest Facebook feature. It is similar to other dating apps but it is more secured and has a great policy.

The Facebook dating site is known for its absolute secrecy and confidentiality. It also has a unique feature known as the Facebook Secret crush. It will notify any of your Facebook friends that you are crushing on them and it will remain anonymous unless they have a crush on you.

You don’t need stringent login details to access Facebook dating site, you only need your Facebook login credential. It is really easy to separate the main Facebook platform from Facebook datings.

How to Use Facebook as a Dating Site

When you want to use Facebook as a dating site, you can use Facebook groups or Facebook dating features. With the Facebook dating feature, we will show you how to use Facebook as a dating site.

  • Ensure your device is connected to the internet.
  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • A prompt will be displayed on your home screen carrying a message about Facebook dating, click on learn more to activate.

If you do not get the prompt, it means you are either underage or Facebook dating feature is not yet available in your present region.


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