How to Unblock a Facebook Friend

How do you unblock a blocked Facebook friend after reconciliation? This is how to unblock someone on Facebook in case you accidentally blocked them or you’ve settle your scores with that particular friend.

Okay,  you’ve cleared the air and now you and your friend will like to hook up again on Facebook but you’ve previously blocked them. This is how to unblock them so you can pally up again.

Before i proceed to show you how to unblock your friend, keep in mind that unblocking is quite different from unfriending… If unfriending your friend is what you want then you should subscribe to my next article.

How to Unblock a Facebook Friend

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How to Unblock a Blocked Facebook Friend

  • We have no case against against each other… we’ve settled our case, unlock my friend.
  • I accidentally blocked him/her, I need to unblock them…
  • My account was hacked and hackers blocked all my Facebook friends… I want to unblock them.

If any of the above is your case, then watch this video to unblock your friends.


How to unblock someone on Facebook

  • Click  in the top right of any Facebook page
  • Click Privacy Shortcuts
  • Click How do I stop someone from bothering me?
  • Click View All Blocked Users.
  • Click Unblock next to the name of the person you want to unblock.

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