How To View My Blocked List On Facebook | How To See Your Facebook Blocked List

It is always almost impossible to tell what a person is like from just a profile picture (except you’re an FBI profiler or something), so more often than not, users looking to make new friends on Facebook will always accept friend requests from other users or send out requests themselves.

How To View My Blocked List On Facebook

At times, you end up clicking with some people you accept/send friend requests while you don’t get along great with the others. This doesn’t necessarily happen because you’re a horrible person but could stem from the fact that you have absolutely nothing in common or they’re just purely offensive. If you’re uncomfortable having such people in the know about your activities online, you most definitely will block them.

Facebook organizes a list of people you’ve ever blocked and keeps it somewhere within your account. With the right procedure, you can get to this list, in case you’ve lost track of the people you’ve blocked.

How To Locate Your Blocked List On Facebook 
Below are the steps to be taken in order to view all your blocked list;

  • Login to your Facebook account on your web browser.
  • Click  in the top right of any Facebook page.
  • Click “Privacy Shortcuts“.
  • Click “How do I stop someone from bothering me?
  • Click “View All Blocked Users“.

A list of users you’ve ever blocked will now unfold.

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